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Market: Food Packaging

Selectorr rotary vane vacuum pumps and systems are ideal for high production food packaging applications. The “SD” models are capable of vacuum levels to 29.9” Hg. (.5 Torr), allowing them to evacuate air, oxygen, and purge gases in a minimum of time. Equipped with NEMA motors and durable Kevlar vanes, these pumps are available in a variety of sizes (See table).


Complete vacuum systems are offered in tank, base, and stack mount configurations. Typical features include electrical control panels, receiver tanks, and inlet filters. Modular base designs allow for future expansion of the system if additional capacity is required.


System Features

For operation in high heat environments, a liquid cooling option is available. The kit includes send and return hoses, adaptor ring (5 to 10 HP models) as well as a compact plate type heat exchanger. Depending on the temperature of the chilled water, operating temperature may be reduced by 30 to 40 degrees, extending service intervals.

If you need help with rebuilding your vacuum pumps, take advantage of our in-house service capabilities, including rental pumps. We also offer oil and filters for many makes of pumps at very competitive prices.

Pumping Speed
Part No.
Free Air Capacity (CFM)
25 Hg. (Gauge)
29.1 Hg. (Gauge)
29.9 Hg. (Gauge)
SD5B-N 262979 5 118 118 19.7 118 3.3 39.1 0.03
SD7B-N 262980 7.5 163.8 163.8 27.3 163.8 4.6 45.9 0.03
SD10B-N 262981 10 194 194 32.3 194 5.32 55.9 0.04
SD20-N 262927 20 306 306 51 306 8.37 118 0.08
SD25-N 262929 25 470 470 75.6 460 12.6 229.7 0.15