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Clinical Products
Suction Regulators
Ohio Medical offers the broadest selection of vacuum regulators in the industry. Our regulators are specially designed for a variety of clinical applications including airway, nasogastric and surgical suctioning as well as chest drainage. Ohio Medical has been providing suction products to healthcare facilities worldwide for over 45 years.

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O2 Therapy/ Respiratory Care
Ohio Medical’s Pressure Compensated Flowmeters are designed to meet strict standards of durability and precision. Several models for delivery of oxygen and air are available to meet your needs.

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Portable Suction
A full line of self standing and table top suction machines are available for procedures that require intermittent or constant suction. Choose from AC or battery powered models.


Gas Fittings and Connectors
Ohio Medical offers a complete line of gas fittings and connectors. With models to meet every need they are reliable easy to use safe and familiar.

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