Ohio Medical Flowmeters

Ohio Medical has a wide range of Flowmeters including Pressure Compensated Flowmeters, Dial Style Flowmeters, and the innovative and impressive Integrated Flowmeter. All of Ohio Medical's Flowmeters are designed to meet strict standards of durability and accuracy and are available in Adult, Pediatric, Neonatal and twin/Y-Block offerings.

7700 Series Flowmeters:

Ohio Medical’s 7700 Series Pressure Compensated Flowmeter is designed to meet strict standards of durability and accuracy. The base is constructed of solid aluminum and finished in a clear anodized plating. The flow control valve consists of a precision needle valve threaded into a brass seat. This provides extended resistance to wear and corrosion. Flowmeters are available with a wide variety of options including DISS Power outlets and twin Flowmeter configurations. They are also available with an optional plastic DISS tubing nipple and a multitude of wall adapters. Available as single, twin or duplex configurations with and without power outlets.

7700 Series Flowmeter Features:

  • Accurate: Individually tested for accuracy
  • White background improves visibility of float ball and the 'second look connector' prevents medical gas connection errors.
  • Durable: Solid brass body with impact resistant flow tube
  • Back pressure compensated so flow accuracy is not affected by restrictions

Amvex Dial and Thorpe Style Flowmeters:

Amvex offers a complete line of Flowmeters from Neonatal to Adult. Flowmeters are available in the standard Thorpe style (available in Oxygen, Medical Air, Heliox, CO2, and N2O) and Dial Style (available in Oxygen and Medical Air). All Flowmeters come with a standard 1/8” FNPT connection, but may also be fitted with different adapters and accessories to customize your needs. These models include a no strip "D" shape knob and are easy to service. Options include power take-offs, Y-blocks, T-blocks and tubing nipples. MR conditional options are available on select configurations.

Thorpe Style Features:

  • Available in 15, 8, 3.5, 1 LPM and 200 CCM
  • Available in Oxygen, Medical Air, Heliox and CO2 and N2O
  • Easy to service
  • No strip “D” shape knob
  • Includes an inlet filter and inlet extension
  • Back pressure compensated so flow accuracy is not affected by restrictions

Dial Style Features:

  • Available in Oxygen in 25, 15, 8 and 4 LPM
  • Available in Medical Air in 25 and 15 LPM
  • Smallest and lightest in the industry
  • Color coded labeling for specific gas
  • Encased in an anodized aluminum housing
  • Easy to read flow window

The Integrated Flowmeter:

The Oxygen and Medical Air Integrated Flowmeter combines a tube style Flowmeter and a medical gas outlet into one simple, compact design, ensuring that you always have a Flowmeter when you need one. In addition to helping improve patient safety by ensuring a Flowmeter is always nearby it also reduces Flowmeter replacement/repair costs. The Integrated Flowmeter offers an extra port – allowing for flexibility to attach another Flowmeter, hose or ventilator, all while taking up less space than a traditional Y-Block assembly. Available in flow rates ranging from Neonatal to Adult. This product is great for new construction or can be retrofitted to existing outlets.

Integrated Flowmeter Features:

  • Permanently affixed to the wall — It will always be there when you and your patients need it most; helping to improve patient safety and minimizing cross contamination.
  • Tube Style Flowmeter — Has the same look and feel as the ones you’re used to working with - only difference is that this one isn’t going anywhere.
  • Supply Outlet — This extra auxiliary port gives you the ability to connect other options to the Flowmeter, helping you deliver more to your patients in less space.
  • Simple, Compact Design — It measures a mere 3.5 inches from the base to the knob - saving space and reducing clutter.