Master Alarm

master alarm


 Part Number Description
 263748 Master Alarm HMI 30 Point
 263748-C Master Alarm HMI 30 Point with Dry Contacts
 263748-B Master Alarm HMI 30 Point with BACnet
 263748-E Master Alarm HMI 30 Point with Ethernet
 263748-CE Master Alarm HMI 30 Point with Dry Contacts & Ethernet
 263748-CB Master Alarm HMI 30 Point with Dry Contacts & BACnet

Featuring one of the largest screens in the industry, the new Ohio Medical Master Alarm has a crystal clear, 12.1 inch, touchscreen that allows users to see the state of the alarm and make necessary updates more easily. This is ideal for when you need to identify and fix issues quickly.

This alarm, which is manufactured in an ISO9001 and 13485 environment, is NFPA compliant and offers ability to select pre-configured or customizable Alarm Point names. Additional features include:

  • Multiple communication modes—BACnet, Ethernet, Modbus
  • Field adjustable from 0-30 points
  • Maintenance mode
  • Alarm points logged
MA alarm pointsMA remote alarm communications

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