For over 100 years, Ohio Medical has provided high quality medical products for the health care industry.
The Ohio Medical Disposable Suction Canister line offers two sizes collection solutions for various medical suctioning applications. For use in virtually all areas of a healthcare facility, the canisters are an essential component of your suction equipment setup, whether used with wall suction regulators or with portable suction equipment.

Disposable Suction Canisters

Ohio Medical rigid canisters offer a significantly high flow rate for exceptional suctioning during procedures. Made of high-impact polystyrene and durable polyethylene.

  • Self-sealing lid provides leak-free seal
  • Large, easy to read graduations
  • Lids contain multiple ports for versatility
  • 800cc has built-in critical measure for more precise measurement
  • Mechanical shutoff valve prevents overflow and contamination
  • Frosted panel provides writing area when needed
  • Available 800cc and 1200cc sizes and kits to accommodate specific needs
  • Tandem port on 1200cc size for multiple canister setups
  • Integral port caps for all ports
  • Nestable for efficient storage
  • Disposable, single use

800cc & 1200cc Canister Options


800cc Disposable Canister, case of 70
Bottom Diameter: 3 3/8” Top Diameter: 5” Height: 6 5/8”
Ports: Vacuum, Patient, and Pour


1200cc Disposable Canister, case of 48
Bottom Diameter: 4” Top Diameter: 6 1/8” Height: 7 1/2”
Ports: Vacuum, Patient, Tandem and Pour

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