Ohio Medical devices were created using extensive clinical research. We continue to work closely with clinicians to ensure we bring you the most up-to-date information regarding suction, oxygen therapy and more. 

Principles of Vacuum

This monograph has been written to provide caregivers an overview of the use of medical suction and vacuum equipment operation in the hospital environment.
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Digital Vacuum Regulator Batteries

Find out if it's time for new batteries in your digital vacuum regulators.
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Safe Suction Advisory Care Program

Medical Education
Inventory Assessment
In-Service Training Kit
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Keep It Clean

Overflow Safety Traps and Suction Filters are simple, inexpensive devices that protect your vacuum regulators and vacuum systems from accidental ingress of contaminants.
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Avoiding the Hazards of Inadvertent Administration of High Suction Pressures

Are your suction regulators helping you avoid over suctioning your patients?
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Improve Suction Performance, Improve Safety

Trap Bottles should be utilized between collection bottles and the source of suction to prevent spillage.
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Disaster Preparedness

Does your facility’s Disaster Preparedness Plan provide reasonable self sufficiency in the event of a pandemic, natural disaster or biohazard?
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They Mystery of Blender Bleeds

Simply put, Medical Air/Oxygen Blenders require a minimum flow of gas passing through it to ensure its accuracy.
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