Cheese producers utilize several of Ohio Medical’s products. The Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump is used in the cheese-making process. Because it’s sealed with water, it helps keep unwanted particles from getting into the system, enabling production to continue without interruption. Our Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump is used in the cheese packing process to help keep product fresher longer.

When the Meat and Poultry Packing Industry needs products quickly and at a competitive price, they turn to Ohio Medical. Our products, such as the Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, are utilized in the packaging process to ensure longer product shelf life.

In the Plastic Extrusion business, quality is key. Ohio Medical equipment such as the Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump and our Center Drain Valves--which are a critical safety feature and help keep pumps functioning without fail—are just two of our products used in this industry.

Removing contaminants from the soil is necessary to maintain clean and healthy environments for the plants we grow. The Soil Remediation Industry relies on Ohio Medical for products such as the Claw Pump due to its reliability and long life. Our competitive pricing and product availability also help keep projects on time and within budget.


Industrial Products


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