Ohio Medical is excited to announce that we have been acquired by ESAB Corporation, a global leader in fabrication and gas control technology. This investment in Ohio Medical reinforces ESAB Corporation’s commitment to creating a market-leading, global gas control portfolio.

Ohio Medical, including Amvex and Squire-Cogswell, will operate within ESAB Corporation’s industrial, medical, and specialty gas portfolio alongside their existing brands, Gas Control Equipment (GCE) and Victor. GCE serves the healthcare, industrial, and research industries as the supplier of choice across Europe, while Victor is the North American leader in industrial gas equipment.

We expect no impact to our customers, as payment terms, order processing, order fulfillment, and customer service will remain unchanged. Our leadership and associate teams remain intact, and our top priority is ensuring consistency and continuing the delivery of our premium medical device and medical gas equipment for our customers, distributors, and most importantly, patients across the globe.


This is a game-changing combination which will provide Ohio Medical the scale, geographic reach, and capabilities to solidify our market-leading position in suction and oxygen therapy products and medical gas systems, pipeline, and services.  Going forward, you will receive even more value from our products that will include:

  • Offering a greater portfolio of quality products, as well as increased capabilities to innovate superior products and systems to better serve your needs
  • Leveraging ESAB’s industry-leading technology and R&D to achieve more innovations in manufacturing technology, new product development and systems infrastructure to deliver a best-in-class customer experience
  • Greater reach and capacity to meet your requirements by leveraging our combined production, warehousing, and transportation networks
  • Superior service as we utilize our joint technical and commercial expertise to ensure our solutions best address your needs

We are thrilled to join ESAB Corporation. An independent, publicly traded company since April 2022, ESAB’s global team of more than 9,000 associates, serves 145 countries. ESAB Corporation’s brands have a rich history of innovation and market leadership and are known for their commitments to safety, quality, and customer success.


We recognize that you may have questions about this announcement, and we encourage you to reach out to your sales or customer service representative.

On behalf of the entire Ohio Medical team, we are truly grateful for your continued support and partnership.  We are honored to do our part and to continue to support healthcare facilities around the world.

Anthony Wieczorek
Chief Executive Officer
Ohio Medical LLC