Bulk Hoses are available for most medical gases. They come in a standard 300 ft rolls for 1/4” ID hose (6.3mm ID) or standard 250 ft rolls for 5/16” ID hose (8.0mm ID) options. Amvex hose is made of quality PVC and available in conductive and non-conductive material. Available in ISO and USA colors.

Bulk Hose Options

Conductive HS-01U-OC4

Non-Conductive HS-01U-ON4

Conductive HS-01U-AC4

Non-Conductive HS-01U-AN4

Conductive HS-01U-CC4

Non-Conductive HS-01U-CN4

1/4″ Conductive HS-01U-VC4

5/16″ Conductive HS-01U-VC5

1/4″ Non-Conductive HS-01U-VN4

5/16″ Non-Conductive N/A

Conductive HS-01U-NC4

Non-Conductive HS-01U-NN4

Conductive HS-01U-2C4

Non-Conductive HS-01U-2N4

Conductive HS-01U-IC4

Non-Conductive N/A

1/4″ Conductive HS-01U-WC4

5/16″ Conductive HS-01U-WC5

1/4″ Non-Conductive N/A

5/16″ Non-Conductive HS-01U-WN5

For ISO bulk hose options, replace “U” with “I” in part number.

Bulk Hose Accessories

Hose Retractor


Hose Clamp



Ferrules for 1/4" Hose
HS-FER-562, 3/4" Long
HS-FER-562-1, 1" Long

Ferrules for 5/16" Hose
HS-FER-VAC, 3/4" Long
HS-FER-VAC-1, 1" Long