Ohio Medical partial recirculating, NFPA 99 compliant vacuum system consists of electric motor driven positive displacement non-pulsating liquid ring vacuum pumps, ASME vacuum receiver, electrical control system, and interconnection piping and wiring. The components are modularly assembled to accommodate most existing doorways and designed for serviceability. The packaged unit is factory tested prior to shipment and warranted for a period of 30 months from date of shipment or 24 months from date of start-up.


Each Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump has a cast iron body, stainless steel impeller, and mechanical seals to be direct driven by a TEFC motor. Pump suction accessories include an inlet check valve, isolation valve and inlet flexible connector. Pump discharge accessories include a discharge air/water separator constructed of high density polyethylene that also serves as the partial recirculation reservoir tank. The recirculation reservoir has a two station, combination level sensor/sight glass to maintain proper liquid level. The pump discharge separator vents are manifolded, and a flexible connector is provided for job site installation to facilitate connection of vent piping to the exterior of the building.
Recirculation liquid control is interactive through a temperature sensor, with a range of 75°F to 90°F. Each recirculation liquid line will include a strainer and isolation/flow regulation valve. The make-up water lines include a strainer, regulating valve, solenoid valve with manual priming valve and flexible connector. 

The Vacuum Receiver is constructed to ASME standards, rated for full vacuum. It includes a by-pass valve, manual drain valve, sight window, vacuum gauge and the National Board label.

The UL listed electrical motor control system includes a fuseless design in a NEMA 12 enclosure. The “Continuous On Demand” feature stops the operation of the motors during periods of low or no demand. The controls include individual self protected combination motor controls with short circuit, single phase, thermal overload protection, individual 120 volt control circuit transformers with fuseless primary and secondary protection, pressure sensors and an electronic controller to automatically switch the operating sequence of the vacuum pumps. The cabinet door has an HMI (Human Machine Interface) Color Touch Screen system status display to include system pressure, pump operation, accumulated time, maintenance interval, fault conditions, silence button; lighted Hand-Off-Automatic selector switches and safety disconnect operating handles. 

All required local alarm functions are integrated into the packaged system. The circuitry is designed so the audible signal can be silenced and the visual indicator will remain until the fault has been cleared and the reset button actuated. Local alarm functions are provided for reserve pump in use (lag alarm). Dry contacts and/or remote communication protocols provided for remote alarm signals or BMS.

Accessories included for job site installation are inlet and discharge flexible connectors, source isolation valve, vibration mounting pads and touch-up paint.